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“ActusQ” opinion in biggest business newspaper in Latvia “Dienas Bizness” publication “Accountants full hands of work”

March 13 issue of the biggest business newspaper in Latvia “Dienas Bizness” offers the opportunity to read an opinion of number of companies that provides accounting services about daily work after the tax reform in Latvia. ActusQ and its representative accountant Linda Zalaiskalns, also express our view on this publication.

“The workload of accountants, even without changing the number of customers, has increased significantly, as by the 30th of April 2018, the Annual reports of 2017 have to be prepared, but in parallel with this, new standards must be applied in daily work,” says L. Zaļaiskalna.

Full publication in Latvian “Accountants full hands of work” of Dienas Bizness read here.

In turn, the publication on Latvian “New Order in Many Things” is available here.