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Application for area payments

Application for area payments

From April 7 of this year, farmers will be able to apply for area payments by filling the Unified Application in the Electronic Application System (EAS) of the Rural Support Service. 

Given the prevalence of Covid-19 and the restrictions for face-to-face work, the Service will also provide all necessary support by phone to customers who are unable to complete the information in EAS themselves – Service staff will be able to complete and submit the Unified Application during the phone conversation. The Service did the same in the spring of 2020, when more than 10,000 clients received assistance. 

Already for six months, farmers can fill out the Preliminary area payment applications in EAS. This allows gradually fill the necessary information in the application and calculate whether greening and other requirements will be met. If the farmer fills in the information in the Preliminary application, this application must be submitted to the EAS from 7 April. 

Important dates for the 2021 season: 

  • April 1 – submission of applications for specification of field blocks ends; 
  • April 7 – application for area payments starts; 
  • May 24 – deadline for applying for area payments; 
  • June 15 – final the deadline for applying for area payments with 1% reduction in the amount of support for each delayed working date, counting from May 25. 

Information source: Rural Support Service