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Digital tool for dairy farmers

Dairy company Food Union has created an interactive platform Gudrais Piensaimnieks (A smart dairy farmer) for the Latvian dairy industry to become more efficient, more innovative and technologically advanced.

With this tool you can track and analyse various data on milk sold for processing, thus efficiently plan farm resources and activities.

The main features of the new platform are the opportunity for farmers who, within the framework of a long-term program, cooperate with Food Union to see parameters such as the quantity of milk sold and the quality of its ingredients, including milk fat and protein content, for any period of cooperation.

It is also possible to keep track of financial indicators – amount of payments received for the total amount of milk sold, as well as his average milk price and how it correlates with the average market price.

The application restores data twice a month or every 10 days, so users of the tool can keep track of their personal milk data dynamics, which is also available in visual and interactive graphics. The new tool is based on the Microsoft Power BI data analysis platform, which is free for iOS and Android users.

Information source: Food Union