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Emergency support for fruit growers and livestock farmers

According to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of November 7, 2023 no. 641 “Regulations for granting emergency support to farmers in the field of fruit and berry, dairy and meat cattle, sheep, goat and horse breeding”, applicants for support in fruit growing and livestock breeding can submit support applications in the Electronic Application System of the Rural Support Service (RSS).

  • to cover the economic losses caused by the 2023 spring frost and frost damage;
  • support is granted only to those fruit and berry growers who submitted their fruit and berry orchards affected by the spring frosts and frosts of 2023 to be surveyed by the RSS from June 5 to 20, 2023, and whose fruit growing areas were surveyed on site by the Latvian Rural Consultation and Education Center or inspectors of the State Plant Protection Service.
  • The support application can be submitted until November 21 of this year.
  • revenue from agricultural activity have significantly decreased;
  • revenue from agricultural activity per one unit of cattle have significantly decreased;
  • the number of cattle units has significantly decreased;
  • the income from agricultural activity per kilogram of milk delivered to the first buyer has significantly decreased;
  • revenue from agricultural activity per one unit of sold cattle have significantly decreased.

The application for receiving support can be submitted until December 1 of this year.

The Ministry of Agriculture has already reported that the total emergency aid granted by the EU to fruit growers and livestock farmers is 6,796,780 euros.

More detailed information on the LAD website.

Source of information: Ministry of Agriculture