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EU support has been achieved for Latvian farmers for period 2021-2027

The European Council adopted a decision on the EU multiannual budget for the next programming period, which also determines the amount of rural development funding and direct payments for Latvian farmers for period 2021-2027.

In the next programming period, Latvian farmers will see an increase in the EU funding in certain sectors, however, as the Minister of Agriculture Kaspars Gerhards notes: “..that regardless of the increased funding as compared with the previous programming period, unfortunately, Latvia will still remain among  the countries, receiving the lowest level of direct payments for agriculture.. “

The decision adopted by the European Council means that in the period 2021-2027, Latvia will receive EUR 3.347 billion under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), of which EUR 2.41 billion for direct payments and EUR 851 million for  rural development.  As well a support from the European Economic Recovery Plan (EERP) in the amount of 86 million euros is also earmarked for Latvian rural development. This means that the total funding for Latvia from CAP in the period 2021-2027 will increase by 661 million euros or 24.6% compared to the current period.

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