For Growth on the Earth

Financing for investments in material assets

From November 4 until December 4, 2019, applications will be accepted for support for investments in farms and investments in processing. 

The objective of the measure “Support for investment in farms” is to support farms with a view to improve their economic performance and competitiveness, and promoting the development of cooperation by ensuring sustainable management of natural resources and supporting a climate change sustainable economy.

The sixth round of public funding available for agricultural service cooperatives is EUR 7.5 million and for farms – EUR 29 million.

Projects will be evaluated by March 1, 2021, taking into account the released public funding.

The objective of the measure “Support for investment in processing” is to increase the efficiency and added value of the processing of agricultural products by promoting the development of competitive cooperation and the development of sustainable agricultural production and innovation in enterprises. The sub-measure supports activities related to the processing of agricultural products and related packaging and pre-processing. The available public funding for the eighth round is EUR 15.7 million.

Submitted project implementation deadlines:

  • for investment in fixed assets – one year from the decision of the RSS;
  • for approved project applications for construction, reconstruction, perennial plantations and purchase of fixed assets – two years from the decision of the RSS of approval of the project application.

Information source: Rural Support Service