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Flood damaged areas are being inspected

The Rural Support Service (RSS) accepts applications for flood damage areas and surveys fields. In first 10 days since the submission of applications, 405 applications have been received for 12,000 hectares and more than 3200 tons of prepared hay.

The farmers themselves are still assessing the condition of their farms, and the Director of the RSS acknowledges that many farmers are not yet inventing their area, hoping that at least part of the harvest will be managed. The service operates in an enhanced mode, working even on weekends to support farmers.

According to the surveys already carried out, it can be concluded that in many fields the crop was completely destroyed, there are also fields that are difficult or even impossible to access, so satellite imagery is also used. It contributes to the efficiency of the work.

We remind you that it is possible to apply for RSS survey of the damaged fields from September 4 until October 2.