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Funding available for the measure “Investments in tangible assets”

From 10 January to 10 February 2022, the Rural Support Service (RSS) invites to apply for support in the measure “Investments in tangible assets”, which will take place with the following distribution of public funding: 

4.1. Support for investment in agricultural holdings  

The aim of this sub-measure is to support agricultural holdings in order to improve their economic performance and competitiveness, as well as to promote the development of cooperation in ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources and supporting a climate-resilient economy. Type of aid: Investment aid.  

Distribution of public funding:   

  • for the construction and reconstruction of greenhouses – EUR 9 million; 
  • for the poultry or pig farming sectors – EUR 10 million;  
  • for agricultural service cooperatives – EUR 20 million (joint financing in sub-measures 4.1., 4.2., and 4.3.);  
  • 64 124 166 EUR – distributed financing by the regional agricultural administrations of the Rural Support Service for investments in agricultural holdings.  

4.2.  Support for investment in recycling  

The aim of the sub-measure is to increase the efficiency of processing of agricultural products and the added value of products by promoting the development of competitive cooperation and sustainable agricultural production and the introduction of innovations among economic operators.  

The sub-measure supports activities related to the processing of agricultural products and related packaging and pre-processing. 

Amount of funding available: EUR 11 million 

Type of aid: Investment aid. 

4.3. Support for investment in the development of agricultural and forestry infrastructure  

The aim of the sub-measure is to improve infrastructure related to agricultural development, increasing forest productivity, improving stand health and timber quality, maintaining and enhancing the long-term contribution of forests to the global carbon cycle, maintaining biodiversity and mitigating climate change, and increasing the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry.  

The sub-measure supports the following activities:  

  • reconstruction and renovation of drainage systems of national and local government significance and municipal hydraulic structures, including reconstruction or renovation of roads adjacent to the rebuilt or renovated drainage object (without pavement);  
  • construction and reconstruction of access roads to sites and production facilities, including railway access roads (without pavement).  

Amount of funding available: EUR 20 million  

Project application forms and measure conditions are available on the Rural Support Service website in the section “Support measures”. Project applications must be submitted using the RSS Electronic Application System.  

The Rural Support Service announces the acceptance of project applications within the framework of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the Rural Development Program.  

Information source: Rural Support Service