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Increased criteria for the purchase of labeled diesel

On October 1, the government approved amendments to the Ministry of Agriculture’s (MF) amendments to the procedure for applying a reduced rate of excise duty on labelled (marked) diesel for agricultural and forest land or swamp where cultivation of cranberries or blueberries is done and for land under fish ponds.

The regulations stipulate that from 2020/2021. agricultural producers, eligible to purchase a reduced excise duty on diesel will need to have a higher minimum income criterion for the financial year. The minimum income requirement for conventional farms is raised from EUR 285/ha to EUR 350/ha and for organic farms from EUR 200/ha to 210 EUR/ha.

The regulations also specify that the agricultural producer does not have to submit a certificate issued by the Latvian Orchardman Association regarding the processing of forest or swamp land.

Information source: Ministry of Agriculture