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Nearly 600 Million Euros: A Record Level of Payments

Farmers received EUR 354 million in area payments last year, EUR 184.4 million for investments, and EUR 53 million in other payments, according to the Rural Support Service (LAD) data, this month reports the largest business newspaper in Latvia, Dienas Bizness.

Investments in technologies

 The largest number of grant applications received by the LAD related to investments, and the EUR 184.4 million that were granted represent the largest support amount during the past three years. The largest investment project involves EUR 4.8 million in public financing, while the smallest one only received EUR 39 in public financing. The greatest interest was demonstrated by forestry workers, who submitted 4,208 grant applications for tending forests. The LAD notes that small farms are developing, with 2,108 grants being approved. 30% of these applies to the development of cattle breeding, 18% related to dairy farms, and 12% related to beekeeping. 270 km of rural roads have been improved, and 20 administrative districts have satisfied requirements related to the planning period. The LAD says that farmers are investing resources more active in terms of precise technologies related to fogging and fertilisation, which means that farming is more effective and environmentally friendly. EUR 12 million were invested in such projects. Last year, there were the first grant applications related to innovative ideas in terms of the co-operation event. 71 grant applications were received.

Dienas Bizness writes that LAD information shows that the greatest amount of area payments went to SIA Artis JP, which received nearly 900,000 euros for 5,156 ha of land. The dairy and grain company AS Agrofirma Tērvete received EUR 715,000 for 3,381 ha of land. In third place was SIA Ingleby Dobele Agro, which received EUR 706,000 for 5,303 ha. SIA Pampāļi received EUR 704,000 euros for 3,693 ha, and SIA Uzvara-Lauks received EUR 644,000 for 5,689 ha of land.

LAD representative Kristīne Ilgaža says that this year support for farmers could remain at the same level. Farmers must remember that they will be able to apply for grant payments with a unified grant request between April 11 and May 22 of this year. June 15 will be the last day when farmers will be able to apply for delay sanctions, and 1% of support will be reduced for each business day that is missed. The past two years have shown that electronic grant applications for area payments make it possible to make the payments much more quickly.

Source: Dienas Bizness