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New call for EU projects from the 1st of October

Support is for renewal of forest plantations after forest fire and natural disasters.It is granted for forest restoration in an area where, according to the opinion of the State Forest Service, a fire or natural disaster (wind, snow and ice damage) has been detected, which has led to the destruction of the forest stands, therefore the forest is recoverable in this area. Support is granted in compliance with the forest management plan of support measures developed by the applicants and coordinated by the State Forest Service.

Who can apply:
1.    Person – owner of the forest.
2.    Legal entity that has at least 50% private capital in equity and is a forest land owner.
3.    Local government that is owner of the forest.
4.    Local Government Company that is managing local government forest.

Eligible activities:renewal of destroyed forest plantation 

Additional conditions:
1.    Support for the maintenance of the regenerated forest stand may be obtained three times during the five-year period according to the plan of measures. 
2.    When conducting a support sub-measure for the restoration of a habitat of a specially protected habitat or special protection species, as well as in a specially protected nature area or micro-reserve, the applicant shall attach to the plan of measures an expert opinion on the authorized method of reforestation certified for the conservation of species and habitats.
Max project value:
Forest regeneration – 1085 euro/ha with 100% support rate.
Forest care – 204 EUR/ha with 100% support rate.

Available funding EUR 600 000. 

Source: Rural Support Service