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Provisional applications for area payments can be filled in

As of 14 February, this year, any agriculturist may start filling out the information on the unified area payment application. This year, Rural Support Service (RSS) for the first time offers the opportunity to fill the aforementioned applications more comfortably by using Electronic Application System (EAS) – now this can be done gradually by promptly calculating, whether the greening and other requirements are going to be met. This form is indicated as Provisional Application on the EAS system. 

The submission of applications for area payments will be available form 8 April to 22 May, and payment reduction coefficient for each day of delay will be applied on applications submitted until 15 June.

There are no significant changes in the conditions for the receipt of support in the area payment season of 2020. It must be taken into consideration that only liabilities in the activity Maintenance of biological diversity in grasslands may be assumed anew, in the rest of the activities, no new liabilities can be assumed, but the existing liabilities can be extended by one year. 

The Rural Support Service also reminds that the specification of rural blocks is taking place at the moment, it can be done until 1 April. 

Information source: Rural Support Service