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September 15 – Deadline for grassland cutting

The weather in spring and summer 2019 so far had been out of the ordinary, which has made complications for some farmers, especially for those involved in livestock. It has made complications to cut grass and remove hay for fodder.

Rapidly changing weather conditions had a negative impact on agricultural production during the vegetation period. This year, the average air temperature in June exceeded the monthly average, becoming the warmest June in the history, while rainfall was 33% below the monthly average level, which affected the growth of grasslands and delayed the start of cutting and harvesting of grass for fodder in end of June.

In July, precipitation was 15% above the monthly limit and in many places it was not possible to use grass cutting and harvesting machines. Also in August remained wet and cool weather in Latvia, which made it difficult to cut and remove grasslands until August 15.

August 15 is set as the date by which the grasslands must be grazed or cut and harvested, to receive full EU area payments – the common area payment, payment for agricultural practices beneficial for the climate and the environment or “greening” payment, small farmers scheme payment, payment for organic farming, payment for areas with natural or other specific constraints.

Considering the adverse weather conditions, the Ministry of Agriculture has provided the opportunity of cutting and harvesting grasslands until September 15 for farmers who use grasslands for fodder, which, due to frequent rainfall and high humidity, could not be cut and harvested until 15 August.