For Growth on the Earth

Investments & Development

We are an agricultural investment advisory company and farmland asset manager with international network and proven track record. We are providing specialist advice and access to attractive investment opportunities in Latvia and Baltics. Our clients include single farming families, family offices, wealth managers, institutional investors, and international organizations. 

Our team possesses decades of investment development advisory and experience, an entrepreneurial mind-set and passion for the sector. Over the past two dedcades, ActusQ has successfully guided familiy offices, wealth managers and institutional investors in building, managing, and growing their investments in agriculture. 

We bring together: finance and investment, private equity and operational improvement, strategy consulting and management of farmland assets, international network and access to local experts. 

The expertise of ActusQ provides strategical and practical support for the development of agricultural investment initiatives in Latvia including: 

  • all-embracing strategical project planning and implementation; 
  • consulting;
  • management of practical processes.

We possess in-depth knowledge in the market conditions and regulations, and our company deals efficiently with public authorities and contractors. We attract EU and national grants and obtain environmental, construction and other relevant permissions for a project completion. 

Our aim is to combine the best knowledge of the world’s agricultural production with the locally relevant solutions and available resources of Latvia to increase the investors’ and country’s long-term business performance and effectiveness within agriculture.