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Stand with Ukraine!

“In the wake of terrible war terror from Russia to Ukraine, more than 3.8 million people have been forced to flee the country, turning the Ukraine crisis into the fastest growing refugee crisis since World War II. Another 6.5 million have been forced to leave their home and have been displaced within Ukraine. At the same time, about 13 million have been ‘stuck’ in war zones and cannot leave,” is reported United Nations.

People in Ukraine need urgent specific help! The whole world stands for Ukraine and a lot of aid is collected and sent to Ukraine from around the globe. Yet much of this help do not reach the people or deliveries are too slow.  Many of the large humanitarian organizations have been challenged to deliver aid because they are unfamiliar with the country and do lack the capabilities to move aid rapidly across the border.

Government of the Ukraine has mandated UALG (Ukraine Aid Logistics Group) – a group of professionals from Ukraine’s logistic business – to speak to the governments, businesses and NGO’s of the world to source and coordinate the flow of necessary aid. In the first few weeks, UALG moved thousands of tons of aid into Ukraine from two receiving hubs in Poland and Romania, and managed documentation for additional thousands of tons more. UALG also facilitated an agreement between Polish and Ukrainian customs to enable 5,000 minivans with aid from small private donors to cross the border unimpeded. UALG source and deliver hundreds of cross-country vehicles for Border Guard of Ukraine.

Now UALG need’s help from outside – from any of you – to continue their work, as fewer and fewer transport and warehouse providers can commit their resources on a pro bono basis for a long-standing war situation in Ukraine. All the funds you donate to UALG’s Polish-registered charity fund, the Ukrainian Community Foundation, will make a difference on the ground – fast and targeted, within few days, not weeks and not months.

We understand that war terror seems far away when daily life is not directly related with Ukraine. Ukraine fights for lives of people, for peace of a sovereign country. We believe that most of readers have already donated to support the Ukraine. The war terror from Russia is however lasting and it is crucial not to leave Ukraine alone during this lengthy fight. War is a hungry beast, destroying lives of people, destroying businesses and economic patterns, destroying country itself. 

Please stay close to Ukraine! Help to endure with your regular support to efforts of brave Ukraine nation! UALG can ensure that help arrives when it is most needed, rather than too late! Visit site of UALG at  for further information on how to donate and where to follow expenditure of your donation! 

In these materials you will find specific information about the necessary products and equipment for the Ukrainian government that can be donated: