For Growth on the Earth

Support available for cultivation of forests

Applications for support of the cultivation of forests will be accepted from March 1 to April 5 of this year as part of the sub-project related to investments in the sustainability of forest ecosystems and to improvements in the ecological value thereof.

This is the fifth round of applications, with total public financing of EUR 2.015 million. Aid is available to landowners, legal entities, local governments that own forestland, as well as local government capital enterprises that manage forestland that is owned by a local government.

Support will be available for the following activities:

•     Culling of new stands of trees and culling of such stands by cutting off branches;

•     Replacement of unproductive stands of trees in accordance with laws and regulations about the cutting down of trees in the forest;

•     Replacement of major type of trees in white alder stands of trees from the age of 30, as well as sallow types in stands of trees.