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Support for mitigating negative consequences in the agricultural products processing sector

Rural Support Service (RSS) informs that from October 21 to November 21, 2022, it is possible to apply for emergency support for mitigating the negative economic consequences in the agricultural products processing sector.

This is the second round of the measure for the period of June 1 – October 31, 2022. In order to apply for the support it is necessary to submit an application in RSS Electronic Application System.

The total funding of the second round is EUR 6,372,954 million. Food producers (registered/recognised by the Food and Veterinary Service) can apply for the support, with the exception of producers of alcoholic beverages, fishery and aquaculture processing products. The purpose of the measure is to reduce the negative economic consequences caused by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, partially covering the increase in the cost of packaging or energy resources, the decrease in EBIT, or the increase in the price of natural gas or electricity. In order to apply for the support, the applicant must provide information on the connection of the economic difficulties with Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, as well as a sworn
auditor’s report on the veracity of the support data.

Applying for the support, the applicant undertakes to supply food to the population in the event of a crisis situation and not to stop working in the supported area for at least 12 months after receiving the support.

More information about the emergency support and the conditions for applying can be found on the RSS website

Information source: Rural Support Service