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The forest fire period has begun

The State Forest Service determined April 19 as the beginning of the forest fire period in the whole country. All residents, forest owners and legal possesors must ensure compliance with fire safety requirements in the forest.

In order to reduce the occurrence of forest fire, some prohibitions and restrictions must be observed, for which disregard may be subject to administrative, civil and criminal liability. During the stay in forests and bogs, it is forbidden to:
•    drop burning or smoldering matches, cigarettes or other items;
•    build bonfires, except for specially designed spaces that prevent the spread of fire outside this area;
•    leave bonfires unattended;
•    burn garbage;
•    drive motor vehicles through forest and bog roads;
•    take any other action that may cause a fire.

No kind of burning that causes smoke is allowed without coordination with the Forestry of the State Forest Service, because smoke can mislead the fire watchers.

Logging contractors must comply with the requirement, that in the forest fire period burning residues in the felling area are allowed only with the written permission of the State Forest Service Forestry. Forest owners need to make sure that forest roads are free from fallen trees and shrubs, so that, if necessary, forest firefighting vehicles can move freely. Forest owners should know that after the forest fire suppression in his forest, the forest owner is responsible for monitoring the forest fire site.

This year, 196 forest fires have been registered altogether and the total burned forest area is 113 hectares, including 61 hectares of new stands.

Information source:The State Forest Service