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Winter grain harvest continues

In early July winter barley harvest started in Latvia, but in the middle of the month – also early winter rape variety`s harvest. Although exact winter barley productivity data are not yet available, farmers admit that grain harvest is really good, according to the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Center (LRATC) information.

Already in May field surveys of LRATC specialists showed that the winter harvest this year could be at good level – average winter wheat harvest potential in all country was predicted over 5 tons per hectare.

Practically throughout all the country in winter grain fields, it is observed a problem with cereal lodging after rain and wind this year. Where rain and wind gusts have been particularly nasty, cereals are lodged even 80-90% from the field. Farmers of such field prepare for a difficult harvest season, because harvest productivity in lodged cereal fields is significantly lower. Another concern is the quality of the grain, because they can turn out to be not useful for food.

Winter cereal seeded areas are over 372 thousand hectares this year, which compared to year 2018 is more for 132 thousand hectares.